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AI Systems Website Animation Video

AI Systems

UI & UX Design 

Alongside their rapid increase in clients, 4Tel split their Artificial Intelligence sector into a seperate, niche brand ‘AI Systems‘. This brand needed a visual identity and website, that completely disassociated it from 4Tel but implemented a sense of innovation and cutting edge technology. 

The rebrand and website accompanied an industry and target audience analysis, wire-framing, user journey mapping, SEO optimisation and final build. 

The website acting as the public identity of the company, had to instil trust, professionalism and expertise within the target audience. 


AI Systems Logo Embossed on Paper
Sunnyside Tavern Menu Image2
Ai Systems Logo Embossed on Paper


UI & UX Design 

The 4Tel website was in a state of decay, it was not only visually outdated but the information displayed was either hard to navigate or had grown to be incorrect. This project required a complete UI and UX overhaul, including the migration from Joomla to WordPress.

Based off a fresh marketing strategy, market research and product matrix, a new and improved 4Tel was born.

This project included wire-framing, customer journey maps, user personas, prototyping and of course the migration and final build. Website navigation was significantly improved, clients found it easier and quicker to find the exact information they needed. The website now visually demonstrated its value and capability of technological innovation.

4Tel Website Home Design on Mackbook
4Tel Website Homepage Design

Newy Digital

Visual Identity

Expanding their business and subsequently shifting their client base, Newy Digital required a new visual brand identity including a logo design and visual assets package.

With the expansion of their team, target audience and refinement of their marketing strategy, they were after something edgy, something nostalgic and something with a hint of the 70s! This fresh identity captured their new edgy style, developed contrast between them and their competitors, and assisted with their USP.

The brand package included several logo versions including a vertical and square logo, a package of stylish visual assets (to be utilised on websites and for print documents), social media logos alongside numerous colour versions, a brand style guide booklet and document templates.

Newy Digital Guidelines Booklet Colour Scheme
Newy Digital Brand Logo

Teacher Professional Development


The Teacher Professional Development Calendar Campaign had a primary objective to encourage engagement and interaction with the posts! The exciting social graphics displayed below were developed to appeal to the target audience and client base (teachers) to share, comment and like in celebration of the exciting themed days celebrated within the classroom.

School Social Media Posts

Wests Group


I have completed an 100 hour internship at Wests New Lambton with their marketing team, and it was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. They not only let me have free range on some of their promotional material but I was also able to work with their marketing team, receive invaluable feedback and industry advice. 

Social Media Post Halloween

The ‘Spin Till You Win Campaign’ was a renewal brief. The brief originally was to just change the background colour but I wanted to take it further so I decided to not only change the colour but create a spray of glitter & rays of light from the text. Which responded very well with the team and it was approved from management. 

Social Media Post Halloween

The Fun Free Fizz campaign needed collateral to promote a free Wizz Fizz for every jug of soft drink sold!

The brief stated that the red bar was not to be altered and it needed to include the Wizz Fizz product imagery. I took inspiration from the Wizz fizz brand and created eye catching, fun visuals to promote the campaign to diners. 

Social Media Post Halloween

Part of the Wests Group Brand, The Balance Essentials 101 Master Class collateral design is a combination of attention to detail, layout design and sourcing imagery. 

Social Media Post Halloween


Wood Water Co is a wedding photography business based in Newcastle, NSW. Their photographs are out of this world! They inhabit an elegant and luxurious tone. This brand identity establishes and reinforces their higher standards of photography. The contemporary serif typeface embeds itself within the wedding industry, reinforced with the interlocking ‘O’s, symbolising of course two wedding rings and creating the form of the infinity symbol. But brands don’t cease at the logo, the identity involved various collateral designs including a ‘thank-you pack’ and social media marketing plan. 

Social Media Post Halloween
Social Media Post Halloween
Social Media Post Halloween
Wood Water Co Social Media Posts
Sunnyside Tavern Logo Image

Sunnyside Tavern


New owners, new look! This quirky little pub located in the tiny suburb of Georgetown, NSW needed a fresh new identity and collateral to appeal to their younger and more family driven target audience!

Open Menu Graphic Design
Menu Graphic Design
Pile of Menu Graphic Design

The Mayfield Hotel


Promoting The Mayfield Hotel’s various dinner promotions, this campaign utilizes photos from an earlier photo shoot, accompanied by text and edited to maintain a cohesive social 

Watt Space Gallery 


Waiting For Equality” is the stark reality for many LGBTIQA+ Australians. Watt Space Gallery desired to highlight the inequality and social stigmas that still cloud the LGBTIQA+ community but also celebrate the recent progression of rights. 

This design depicts the LGBTIQA+ community as individual blobs, each unique but so susceptible to time itself, which is represented by the grid. Their lives and future are shaped by this endless factor which diverges and morphs with time. 

Waiting for Equality Poster Mock Up